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To keep the value of your work in your hands


It is in the interest of the creator or owner of a brand, product or invention to secure their intellectual property. Ensure your right to reap the financial and business benefits of your work and the safe development of your creations.

Experience, knowledge, education

TriMarka Patent Law Firm is a team of experienced and creative patent attorneys. We know how important for our clients are the effects of their creativity and intellectual work, therefore we help to protect them at every stage through their application for protection, monitoring of exclusive rights, as well as litigation. Our work is also our passion – we approach professional challenges with commitment.


Grażyna Padée

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Mariola Mgłosiek-Pluta

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Anna Kawalec

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Customers and industries we provide services to

Small, medium and large enterprises
Research Centers and Universities
Inventors, Creators and Designers
Pharmaceutical, food, apparel and entertainment industries
Industrial design, engineering and fashion
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